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At Dan White PT my goals are very simple...

Train well

Whether it’s a specific injury or you’re bored by your normal exercise routine, training well means training efficiently and safely so you see results. Drawing on the principles that Steve Maxwell, world class athlete and physical educator, practices, training well means you’re not only investing in expertise but also your own precious time.

Eat Well

By eating a balanced, ‘clean’ (non-processed) diet of proteins, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds we give our bodies the best possible chance of achieving those fitness goals, whether it’s to lose a few pounds or bulking up, without the correct ‘fuel’ its almost impossible.

Live well

We all like to think we live well. But living well is a product of many areas of our lives. We live well the most when these other three points are working for us. (I find a holiday or two also helps).

Sleep Well

Sleep is essential, if not more essential, than diet and exercise. Without good quality sleep you cannot consider yourself a ‘fit’ person. Coupled with the other three points it forms one of the essential pillars of a healthy lifestyle.


Welcome to Dan White PT
Personal Training in Berkhamsted

Dan has been my personal trainer in Berkhamsted for over 18 months and I am fitter and stronger than I would have thought possible...”

“Dan devised training schedules that have enhanced my performance in all aspects of my sporting activities but in particular my goal keeping career at Watford FC

“The fact that Dan could provide personal training in a private studio in Berkhamsted made a great deal of difference. I felt less conscious of others and that really helped me enjoy the sessions a lot more”